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The Truth
The universe is made up of five elements, which all are perishable and still every religion of this world considers and worship Supreme God as Formless, which itself is the Fifth element of the Universe i.e. Sky (vacuum). Only a Perfect Spiritual Master (Satguru) knows the real abode of Supreme God (Parampurush-Sahib), which exists beyond universe and is Immortal.
What is the meaning of "Sahib Bandgi"?
Word "Sahib" means Supreme Father (Param Purush) and "Bandgi" means Salutations. "Salutations to Supreme Father" is being addressed as Sahib Bandgi.
What is the meaning of a word "Sant" and from where it got originated?
Translation of word "Sant" is "Saint" in English.
A Saint (Sant) is that being whose soul gets completely uniformed with Supreme Father (Param Purush) into Amarlok (4th Lok, which exists beyond universe). He attains immortality by liberating himself from the territory of perishable universe (3 Lok's), Mind (Mann) and Body (Maya). The word Saint (Sant) first came into existence onto earth from the ideology and teachings of true spiritualism by "Sant Samrat Satguru Kabir Sahib" himself.
What is the meaning of word "Kabir"?
An Immortal Soul, resides in every living being which itself is a part of Supreme Father (Param Purush - Sahib) and whose real existence is beyond five elements (earth, water, fire, air & sky) is said to be as "Kabir".
What is the meaning of a word "Satguru"?
"Satguru" means a Guru who himself (soul) got liberated from the boundaries of Mind (Mann), Body (Maya), Universe (3 Lok's) and gets uniformed with Supreme Father (Param Purush) in Amarlok (4th Lok) which in reality is the immortal abode of Supreme Father (Param Purush) and all His souls.
The word "Satguru" came into existence from the ideology of Kabir Sahib.
Is every Guru a Satguru?

Guru itself is the most respectable word into everyone’s life. Right from the time of birth till death, Guru plays a very important role in one way or the other. Guru is like a shelter which protects us from the evil and at the same time gives complete guidance and direction to lead a truthful healthy life.

Mother, Father, Teacher, Professor, Lecturer, Doctor performs the basic important role of a Guru in our lives but only up to some extent.

Then comes the Priests, Rishis, Munis, Prophets, Sidhs, Yogis, etc who performs another important role as Guru in everyone’s life. They teach us the right informative knowledge about nature, humanity, motive of human life, religious scriptures, encourage to lead healthy life and guide us towards the true worship of God.

All these individuals comes under the category of Guru and can only help us in attaining temporary salvations i.e. they cannot liberate individual soul permanently from the endless circle of birth and death.

There is only one "Satguru" in this universe that has all the spiritual powers with which He can liberate our souls permanently from the territory of this perishable universe (3 Lok’s) as well as from the endless circle of birth and death with His blessings.

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